Soda and its applications


Soda and its applications

Soda or sodium hydroxide is a highly reactive chemical known as caustic soda, solid flake soda, and rarely industrial degreaser soda. Flake soda is one of the main products of the petrochemical industry, and has become a major component in the production of a variety of products in the downstream industry. It is an ionic compound with the formula NaOH consisting of sodium cations Na+ and hydroxide anions OH. The chemical at the outlet of refineries is a very corrosive fluid with strong environment moisture absorption property. Consequently, this liquid is converted to a solid commercial product. Purity of the commercially available flake soda should be about 98% to comply with international standards.

Solid caustic soda

Sodium hydroxide or caustic soda, known as flake soda, is produced industrially in the form of white solid flakes. The corrosive feature of this product is the main reason for its production in the solid form. Sodium hydroxide is a strong, highly reactive alkali and hazardous in the liquid state. Therefore, it is converted to a solid form to be used in various industries.


Liquid soda production methods

The production of caustic soda is based on salt water hydrolysis, in which the sodium chloride solution is analyzed through electrolysis, resulting in the production of sodium hydroxide solution (caustic soda), chlorine, and hydrogen. In this process, about 1126 kg of caustic soda is produced per 1000 kg of chlorine and 28 kg of hydrogen. There are various methods for producing liquid soda and flake soda, of which three general methods can be mentioned:

– Membrane method
– Diaphragm method
– Mercury method
In the Mercury method, the produced soda is free of chlorine, but includes a large volume of mercury which is an environmental threat. The membrane and diaphragm methods do not contain mercury, but the produced soda is not adequately pure.
In the diaphragm method, chlorine, hydrogen, and caustic soda are produced simultaneously, and the diaphragm separates the liquid soda from the salt water in the cathode. Hydrogen gas is also released in the cathode.

The Parak Bandar Emam Company available products

The flake soda of this company is provided in double-layer polyethylene and polypropylene bags for both domestic and foreign markets, including:


  • Caustic flake soda in 25 kg bags
  • Caustic flake soda in 25 kg jumbo bags
  • Caustic flake soda in 25 kg bags with pallet
  • Caustic flake soda in 15 kg buckets
  • Caustic flake soda in 15 kg buckets with pallet
  • Caustic flake soda in 30 kg barrels
  • Caustic flake soda in 30 kg barrels with pallet
  •  Caustic flake soda in 50 kg barrels
  • Caustic flake soda in 50 kg barrels with pallet

Flake soda applications

  • Food industry, milk industries, canning, beverage, sugar factory, oil
  • Metal industry, production of glass, zinc, aluminum, galvanizing, and electroplating
  • Battery manufacturing, acid neutralization
  • Pharmaceutical, production of alcohol and cosmetics
  • Production of degreasers and related industries
  • Petroleum and petrochemical industry
  • Carton and paper industry
  • Leather and textile industry
  • Color industry
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